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Questions are asked and involvement begins.

Many are asking, "Why is the homicide rate so high?" And why is Kansas City rated so horribly to other major metropolitan areas where the homicide rates are much lower? Homicides were lower in New York City then in KC in 2005. Homicides were lower in Miami, Florida then in KC in 2005. We ask why?

We have had the perception that crime was worst in downtown areas. But this criminal activity has moved into our neighborhoods, and even next door. We are the ones afraid, instead of the criminals. Crime is affecting our lives and communities in a negative way.

Parents no longer want to send their children to college in Kansas City. Conventions are leaving town for a safer environment. Some people are afraid to go to Westport or the Plaza aymore.

We need to organize and fight back through neighborhood watch programs, or calling the tips hotline for any worthy piece of information about suspicious activity on your block.
Call 474-TIPS
or 816-474-8477
You are sometimes the first and only line of defense in stopping crime in your neighborhood. When you think a crime is being commited call the police. If you wish to remain anonymous call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.
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Report criminal activity:

* When someone brags about a crime.
* Anyone who has over heard of a crime that has been commmited.
* If you have seen a crime, report it.
* No tip is too small to report.
* Remain anonymous by calling the Tips Hotline.

Help KC to reduce crime.
Neighborhood Watch groups are trained and supported by Local Law Enforcement Block Grants. Several different types of services are offered. They can provide Neighborhood Watch signs for active participants. Block Grants will help you fund your program.

Neighborhood Watch groups will provide safety information and proper training for crime prevention. You will learn to spot criminal behavior and how to report on it.
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